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Don´t just stand there.
Stand out !

I invite you to a unique portrait experience that will change the way you see yourself.
You deserve to exist in pictures and worthy of seeing the best version of yourself. 

¨Nina has the unique ability to make me feel happy and relaxed in front of the camera.

She sees the beautiful in me - and she captures it. 

                                                                                                                Kristin Flood/ author

How would you like to be photographed?

What´s included in your shoot?


We plan your shoot, find out what you want and discuss everything you need to know about the photo session.


Women: Play dress-up and mix-and-match your own style with my glam pieces from Vintage shop Sparkle O´Hara  

Men: Bring several outfits to maximise your investment!


Our professional hair and make-up artist will pamper you and make you front cover worthy! 



Imagine seeing yourself as the beautiful, confident, person you see in magazines! The tailormade session is styled like a fashion shoot with professional hair and make up, style changes, various light set ups, backgrounds and poses. It´s meant to make you feel fantastic, celebrate your unique beauty and to truly empower you. I am here to help you see yourself with love and confidence as I promise to provide you with a once in a lifetime experience and create gorgeous, timeless portraits you will treasure forever. The shoot can take you from boardroom to bedroom, but no need for lables. Lets just create together and make sure you have fun in the process. Let´s get creative!


Are you a business owner, an entrepreneur, an executive, an artist, an author, or an actor looking for a headshot or personal branding images? Let me create images of you that will represent your brand and help you stand out from the crowd! Let us work together to create images that reflect your character and personality and tell your potential clients or future employers that you and your skills are the right choice for them! 


Nobody knows you like your sister, or loves you like your mother! Maybe you have found your life partner? Or you are pregnant and would like to celebrate the life growing inside you? How about photographs together with your furry friend?

Preserve your story and remember the unique bond between you and your loved one, because priceless memories like these deserve to live on forever. Need convincing photo memories are important enough? Just imagine the day they are the only thing you have left.


You are in good hands. I will direct you and show you how to pose like a pro. No need for you to practise before or feel awkwared on the day.


Things you worry about, like dark circles, a blemish that suddenly appeared, a shave cut etc, will magically disappear in my expert postproduction edit.


We´ll dance in joy around your finished images when you make your final selection.


Nina can capture the essence of her models through her lens and is able to mirror back the beauty she sees in them. There is no match for her talent, creativity and passion.


Sylvie Liger/Teacher

Nina is a fantastic photographer. I felt so comfortable under her direction - she brought out the best in me! She has a special eye that captures the best version of her subject.


Larissa Bonacci/Actor

Many people know how to take a photo of a person but fewer ´get` the person. Nina is a real magician with the camera.


Pellegrino Riccardi/ Cross cultural expert and Motivational Speaker

Nina is the only person I would trust to take my headshots. The photos she took have got me in the room for some incredible meetings. An absolute joy to work with and a great investment for any actors career


Laura Greenwood/ Actor

I schlepped over to Nina Rangoy´s studio in North London, and somehow ended up looking and feeling like a goddess. This was made possible by some pretty amazing dresses from Sparkle O´Hara, make-up by Lara Licari, and Nina´s AMAZING skill behind the camara. The whole package was a total treat!! I can recommend it as a very affirming and fun experience (especially for a gal like me: my standard response in front of a mirror or a camera is "ugh".)


Jane Perry/ Actor

"Nina is my all-time favorite photographer. She has an eye for the important details and she knows how to guide and instruct us amateurs on posture, physical details as well as focus and energy. Nina manages to shows the personality and energy of everyone she works with in her photographs. And she brings her own extremely high energy, focus and friendly professionalism to the job - every time


Elisabeth Tørstad /CEO

Nina is incredible to work with - professional, knowledgeable, great instincts, and fun to be around. She puts the time in before the session to understand what the client wants, and then executes a session in a way that seems effortless and feels fun.I'm thrilled with my new head shots!


Christina Kowalchuck/ Actor

Absolutely the right choice! Nina has got such a talent and professionality. I don't know how she does it but, she really got something very special out of me and could reflect it on the pictures. Absolutely the highest quality and experience you can get. 200% recommended. 


Lidia Martinez/ Beautician

Nina applies her skills and talents to always put in light the essence of her model, with a sensitive and artistic truth and beauty!
Beyond the quality and result of her work, I appreciate her professionalism, expertise, gentle, respectful and reassuring direction. She knows how to get the best of you, of the collaboration, catches every detail and always captures vibrant images.


Anne-Claire Mary/Dancer

I think you should seriously consider her if you want something that really catch the attention and makes people notice you.
She gets the job done like nobody else and I'm so grateful to know her.
Thank you for everything Nina!!!! 


 Simone Gallico/Actor

Being in Nina’s studio is like entering a treasure chest. I came for professional photos, and immediately understood that I was in the inventive hands of a true professional. She wears her expertise lightly, which makes it not so much a daunting, as a playful and thoroughly enjoyable experience. The biggest treasure is Nina’s perceptive presence, focus and keen eye. She goes over and beyond to ensure a successful outcome. I ended up with portraits in which I felt that I both recognised myself and saw something new and unexpected. It was a wonderful experience to work with her - thoroughly recommend.


B .Fox/ Author

I have always been reticent about having my photo taken and generally have felt rather awkward about the whole process. But no longer. Nina was patient, professional, engaging, kind and above all SO easy to work with and friendly. She guided me through the process with such ease and grace, it made it fun. I now have a portfolio of images that I am proud of and can use.


Glenn Carroll/ Consultant

More than a photographer, Nina is an artistic director who will be with you every step of the way to ensure the photos tell your story. She has a keen eye for detail to ensure all the elements within the photo work harmoniously so that you can see the best version of yourself. It's a newfound feeling of confidence that will change the way you look at yourself. No one does it like her! 


Nelly Liger/ Plugger 

We must have presented a challenge with two toddlers, a dog and four adults, but Nina's kindness, patience and professionalism shone through as she guided us in our poses. None of us really felt like a natural in front of the camera but she made us feel relaxed. Best of all the photographs were all fantastic.


Prerna S. /Mother,Wife,Daughter

Nina has the unique ability to make me feel happy and relaxed in front of the camera. She sees the beautiful in me - and she captures it. 


Kristin Flood/ Author

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