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Sensual Surprise. A Boudoir Gift,
Exclusive and Intimate

Experience the empowerment that comes from a Boudoir session and see yourself as the sexy, confident woman he loves.

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Anna Lou Mary

Nina really gets me - and she knows how to reveal it. She makes me feel beautiful. The way she plays with light, poses and different moods is exceptional - and she does all that making me feel awesome!  Bonus... the results are always exquisite!

Make him go wild with desire for you

Picture the joy of surprising your fiancée or husband with a collection of artistically crafted, beautiful, and playful images! Boudoir photos aren't just a great wedding gift; they're an exquisite celebration of your love and a spicy addition to your marriage. Whether you're surprising your partner before the big day or adding a spark to your already married life, these images are a timeless reflection of your beauty and allure. Your significant other will undoubtedly drool over these intimate captures, secretly or openly, proud to call you their spouse. Embrace the power and beauty within you, beautifully preserved in your exclusive boudoir album—a cherished reminder every time you flip through its sensual, soulful, and sexy pages."

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Confidence and self-love

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Every woman deserves to feel fabulous in her own skin. A fun, pampered, all focus on you and feel-good session - will leave you feeling powerful and ready to conquer anything. Envisage looking at yourself and truly loving what you see. Imagine feeling pride and confidence being feminine and playful - and exactly who you are?

Too shy, you say? Too self-critical? Don´t have the right shape, size or personality you think?  Everyone has their own insecurities, that´s just a fact. We often judge ourselves harshly and see things others wouldn´t when it comes to ourselves.  So what if you could conquer those negative voices inside? Step in front of the camera and be all that is gorgeously you? Let me assure you that I see the beauty of you, I´ve got you and I promise you you´ll be amazed.

Together we do it!

Because - in your favourite lingerie or a simple white shirt for example, you can be as naked as you like or cleverly covered up to show a glimpse of leg or shoulder. I promise to make you feel supremely comfortable and confident while we craft elegant, tasteful, artistic and powerful images together. With creative lighting, different backdrops and simple but beautiful clothing and draping, your Boudoir images will be something to treasure -forever


In my private studio you'll feel safe and secure - the day is yours and

you´ll be pampered by my hair and makeup artist to get photo-ready. As we have planned the session and the outcome carefully, now we enjoy the FUN of shooting.

I guarantee you´ll come away feeling like a confident, self-loving bad-ass woman!

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Maria Tsiatsiani

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About me

Nothing gives me greater joy than infusing women with energy and self-love and it is my super-power to bring out your soulful essence and inner sex goddess at the same time. In addition to being a photographer, I also dance tango and have great affection for the lines of the body and how to pose it to ultimate effect. I pay careful attention to details and give you exact direction what to do. Most of all I give my all to mirror back to you all the reasons you have to love yourself completely. 

What you can expect: 

* Careful planning/ collaboration between you and me of creative ideas and how you want the    images to look

* A day in my private studio  ( up to 4-5 hours in total) 

* Hair and Makeup

* Wind in your hair and music to get us energised

* Studio wardrobe available with sheer fabrics and beautiful corsets from vintage boutique            Sparkle O´Hara

* FUN session that will leave you feeling  ENERGIZED and AMAZING

* Online Gallery for you to choose your images from

* Choice between digital files only or printed album included

* Lifetime of enjoying your beautiful images

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Veronika Kloucheck

They are awesome, absolutely awesome. You are awesome. What you do behind the camera is a miracle. Thank you so much. I love them.

Kristin Flood

Nina has the unique ability to make me feel happy and relaxed in front of the camera. Nina sees the beautiful in me - and she captures it.

Let´s have a chat!

Ready to celebrate the feminine, gorgeous, sexy you? Ready to create the gift that will boost your confidence and WOW your partner?

I would love to make these images come true for you and I invite you to a friendly and informal chat where you can find out if I am the right photographer for you. 

Not quite ready for a chat, but still curious? 

Download my pdf for how to prepare yourself  for a Boudoir Shoot


  1. Am I confident enough? What if I feel akward during the session? Let me assure you I see you with adoring eyes, listen to your concerns and emphasize on everything that is lovely both inside and out about you.

  2. Will my images be private and secure? Absolutely! Unless YOU want me to post and brag about you - the images are yours and yours only to share with whomever you choose.

  3. Will I be comfortable on the day? Being in a state of undress or posing in sensual ways can make some people feel vulnerable or uncomfortable, I fully understand that. My studio is private. Nobody enters that shouldn´t be there. I have a dressing area where you can change, and all efforts are made to make you feel comfortable. 

  4. Am I the right photographer for you? It´s important that you feel trust on a day like this and I am hoping the informal chat will make you feel I´m the photographer for you.

  5. How much will it cost? Prices range between £500 - £1500 depending on the package you choose. 

  6. Will he love this gift? My guess is he will ADORE it! Maybe it feels a little scary - but know that he sees you as THE woman for him, most likely moved by the fact you have gone to this effort and maybe stepped out of your comfort zone to impress and please him. 

Alex 02.jpg
Alex 01.jpg

​I´m excited and interested, 

let´s chat!

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