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Hi, my name is Nina Rangoy

I am a portrait photographer channelling years of experience as a photo-journalist into a new venture having set up a contemporary portrait photo studio in North West London.

I see beauty, grace, strength, character and enthusiasm in people and my mission is to help you to see yourself with love and confidence.

Whether you want to simply celebrate being you, honour a special time in your life, or you need images to make an impact in your professional life, you are welcome to a modern portrait studio!

In all my portraiture I aim to capture you in a way that represents you authentically. Working with you to find out who you are and what you need, I seek to discover and celebrate your essence. I know how to make you comfortable in front of the camera so that you reveal your most confident self. I know how to bring your beauty and character forward and to capture it with my camera.

I see you and I´ve got you! 

  • 2020 to present day  The Portrait Studio by Nina Rangoy

  • 1989 - 2023  - Photojournalist based in London for Scandinavian Newspapers and Corporate clients

  • 2019 - Being British Exhibition - Fotografiens Hus (The Portrait Gallery) Oslo

  • 2015 to present day  - Photographic workshops in Venice and London

  • 2013 - Picture Editor - Assiciated Press

  • 2012 - Deputy Venue Photo Manager, London Olympics

  • 2006 - 2008 Photographic Lecturer City & Islington College

  • 1989 - Picture of the Year, Norway

Behind the lens

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