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Venice travel and street photography workshop 20 - 24 August 2020

Updated: Feb 20

Beauty, mystery, art, history, magical light, and personal tuition. What more could you wish for to find the artist in you? The Queen of the Adriatic lies as a living museum on the north east cost of Italy - equally as fascinating -  as she is challenging to photograph. I invite you for a long weekend - altogether five days intense experience - outside of your daily grind, where you can give all your attention to something you'd really like to do:  immerse yourself in photography. I promise to encourage you and to challenge you to achieve the best you can behind the camera

If you love to photograph but sometimes despair that the pictures don't turn out as you wanted them to, then you are not alone.  If the technical side of photography confuses you and makes you lose direction and motivation, it is totally normal. Maybe you succeed in taking lots of good photos, but somehow don't know what you did to get there or how to do it again? Well, I can help. And if by contrast you are super inspired, know what you are doing and simply want some genuine feedback on what you are shooting, I have a lot to offer you! With more than 30 years experience as a press photographer I will share with you my knowledge and give you input; assignments and method to develop what you see, what you think and what you do. In magically inspiring surroundings, together we will put words to your way of photographing, raise the awareness of the way you see, and give you lasting tools that will develop your photography now and in the future.

The goal is for you to have fun, get inspired and motivated and return from Venice with pictures shot with a sense of purpose.

Who are you? First and foremost you really enjoy taking pictures and have a wish to learn. You also have a strong desire to get feedback on exactly your pictures and what you do.

Maybe you're the one who always has your camera with you on trips and think that vacation and photography clearly belong together? Maybe photography has been a passion for many years and now you are ready to give yourself time to focus on it, taking your photography to the next level? Or maybe you even work on a particular project and want to use these days as your backdrop? Photographers of all levels are welcome, but I assume you have basic knowledge of photography - and relative familiarity with your own gear, (remember to bring the manual for your camera) I can regulate the level of input for the group and for individual needs. If you have more experience, the 'expectations' will be set to your level.

Who am I: I have lived in London for 30 years and worked as a freelance photographer primarily for Scandinavian newspapers like VG, Aftenposten, Expressen, Dagens Nyheter, picture agency Scanpix, corporate clients like DNVGL, Statoil, Wilhelmsen Shipping, The Norwegian Bank and much more. I was a lecturer in charge of the photojournalism part of vocational training at City & Islington College in London for two years, have worked as a photo editor at the picture desk in Associated Press, and was Deputy Venue Photo Manager in one of the sports venues during the Olympic Games in London 2012.I love traveling, learning languages and have a passion for dancing Argentine Tango. All in all, I love to learn and I participate in many different workshops myself. It’s guaranteed I will learn lots from you! I have traveled extensively to Venice, often in connection with work. Sometimes I've been frustrated because it seems as if every photograph of Venice has been shot before. But in the narrow alleyways and over countless bridges it is impossible not to be pulled forward towards the next beautiful location, finding yet another inspiring angle. There is something very special about moving in a city without cars, where the senses are awakened by artistic beauty and the Renaissance- history behind every corner.


Thursday: Upon arrival and settling into to the hotel, we have our first get-together at 17.00, drinking a little Prosecco, getting to know each other and finding out more about the program. I give a little visual intro to get us in 'photography mode' and then we continue to a dinner at a local restaurant.

Friday: We rise with the sun to catch the morning light and venture out to the bustling local fish and fruit marked for a first photography session. Back at the hotel, we have breakfast before the first formal input.  Then the day is at your disposal where you decide when to explore and when to shoot, solve the tasks you are given, find your own favorite spots etc. You work alone or perhaps accompanied by another if you like, while I start the one to one sessions at the hotel. We make time for a feedback session before a late dinner.

Saturday: Today we will rise even before the sun - to go as a group to St. Markus Square and be in position for a spectacular sunrise where we practice shooting for the iconic travel shoot.  After breakfast, we travel jointly by boat to the island of Burano, 11 km outside Venice, known for its many colored houses and production of lace. We´ll have a long and thorough feedback session back at the hotel in the evening.

Sunday: Today I am busy giving you individual feedback, so besides breakfast and my formal input to the group, the day will be at your disposal where you shoot at your own pace, working with your particular project and maybe return to favorite spots you have chosen. We take time to rest before dinner as this evening we`ll make time for a night shoot for those who want to take part.

Monday: The day of departure you use as you wish, more photography, maybe shopping, maybe both. You do however get one more input from me after breakfast, to inspire you to continue your hard work, appreciate what you do -  and to do more of it!


The price is £ 900 - pr person.

£ 200 deposit to secure your place. Price includes course fees, hotel stay in a four-star Venetian Palazzo in double-room with breakfast.  Single room supplement of £ 150 is available. Travel and other meals will be paid for individually.  Registration and full payment due before 30 May 2020. Minimum number of participants is 8, maximum 12.

I recommend that you don´t book your flight until the number of participants is confirmed.

My course promise to you:

It is my wish that you really benefit from a workshop with me. It's a known fact that we get back twofold the effort we put into something, but I don't wish for the workshop to be a struggle or to give you a feeling of having to live up to high expectations. You participate at your own tempo with the abilities and energy you have. In order for the workshop to be truly beneficial however, I´ll spend time getting to know you ahead of our days together, enabling me to help you better during the workshop.

I look forward to seeing you for exciting days together in Venice! Get in touch for more questions and registration at

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