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Narrative Portrait Workshop in London 19 - 23 September 2019.

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

London based Norwegian photographers Jørn Tomter and Nina Rangøy, who between them have around 50 years of experience working as photographers in the capital, invite you to a photography workshop where the narrative portrait is in focus. Over the course of five days, we will share with you what we´ve learned through the years and teach you how to be in control of the portrait from creative idea to end result. The goal is to inspire you to think journalistically and conceptually while taking charge of the technical aspect, the overall look, and direction. In the local community of Hackney where the workshop will take place, we prepare the ground for you with a collection of people ready to be photographed.  

Then, you´ll brave the unknown and unfamiliar, and go out and find your own project.

Forget Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. Think east-end, well-worn boxing clubs and street murals mixed with Caribbean corner shops and trendy coffee bars. From Rastafarians to cool hipsters, the personalities and caricatures you recognize from literature, television, and music, you´ll now meet and photograph yourself. We give you entry into to these environments and people and plan exciting days where you´ll learn how to connect quickly, have a clear vision - and produce quality portraits that tell a story. This will be a challenging workshop where we invite you to venture outside your comfort zone. In unfamiliar surroundings and with people you don´t know, you´ll take charge and be a director. As we closely guide you and give you feedback, the goal is to teach you how to deal with the unknown and unpredictable while focusing on the image idea, quality, and results. You´ll be able to go home with the experience that you have managed to connect with a real urban environment - in one of London's coolest neighborhoods - with portraits you can be proud of and build on in the future.

Jørn and Nina have both shot portraits over a long time through assignments for newspapers, advertisement, business, traditional photo studio photography and personal projects. From news and documentary to conceptual projects, we offer all the lessons and experience we have and look forward to inspiring you.

Subjects we will discuss:

- The Portrait´s viewpoint and different genres

- How to create connection and take charge of the situation

- How to tell a story through environment and surroundings

- How to have a vision for and realize your own project

- Technical solutions - natural light, camera flash, studio lights

- Editing and selection

The workshop is suitable for photographers with basic technical knowledge and practice. You may have photographed a lot but have yet to present your idea to and ask for time and attention from people you don´t know. Perhaps you´re a journalist or communication officer who needs to master taking portraits in your job? Or maybe are you working towards a career as a photographer and want to use the opportunity to get two experienced photographers feedback on your photos? No matter if you are curious because you need tools for your job - or you, as an avid photo enthusiast, know that this is the next step in your development - we promise you five highly instructive and purpose-filled days.



Upon arrival and settling into to the hotel, we have our first get-together at 17.00, getting to know each other and finding out more about the workshop program. We give you professional input before going for dinner at a local restaurant.

Upon arrival and settling into to the hotel, we have our first get-together at 17.00, getting to know each other and finding out more about the workshop program. We give you professional input before going for dinner at a local restaurant.


After breakfast, we continue our professional input, before you´ll go to separate portrait sessions with people we have arranged ready for you. You will then start to familiarize yourself with Hackney and the surroundings, looking for opportunities and ideas to trigger your photographic impulse.

Early evening, we meet for a feedback session before dinner at a local restaurant.


Around the breakfast table, we answer any questions you have before you start working on your own project. Today you will shoot portraits in the local community, at the boxing club, in people´s homes, in shops, and at a pop-up studio, we make available. And while you are working with your portraits, Jørn and Nina will hold one to one sessions with each participant. Saturday evening, we order pizza and beer and settle in for a long and thorough feedback session.Sunday


After breakfast, we will be visited by guest teacher Rebecca McClelland before you continue working with your own project. It´s market day in Chatsworth Road and the locals are gathered in the streets, creating many opportunities to shoot.

Jørn and Nina continue the feedback sessions to individual participants.

Early evening we meet again for a photo-discussion and feedback before going for dinner.


On the day of departure and we meet to summarize and talk about the way forward. We finish at around 13.00

(Changes in the program may occur as we work out details)


Price: £ 1350 which includes hotel in single room, with breakfast

All travel and additional meals payable by each participant

Register and secure your place by 1. April with a deposit of £200

Remaining fee is payable by 19 August 2019

Minimum participants: 8

We recommend that you don´t book travel arrangements before the minimum number of participants is confirmed.

Contact us for questions and registration on:,


Nina Rangøymoved to London in 1989 to freelance for Norway´s largest newspaper VG - after studying at the dedicated press photographer school at the Institute of Journalism in Norway. 28 years later, with a Masters Degree from Goldsmith College and undergraduate education as a teacher, she has continued to work for major Scandinavian newspapers in addition to magazines and corporate companies in Norway and the UK. For two years, she was responsible for the photojournalism teaching at City & Islington College and during the London Olympics, she was the deputy venue photo manager at one of the sports arenas. In March 2018, she will be organizing her fifth photo workshop in Venice. Shooting portraits has always been at the core of her work and at the moment she is working towards developing her own creative portrait studio in London.

Jørn Tomterstudied photography at the London College of Printing (now LCC) 1997-2000 and has since worked as a photographer in London and Berlin. His photos always focus on the human aspect and he thrives best when documenting environments over time. In 2007, he published the book The Norwegian Way, which over a five year period documented the particular coming of age celebration of A-level graduates in Norway. After a two years' stay in Berlin, he moved back to London and started working with I Love Chatsworth (ILCR) to prove that a photographer can find interesting stories in his own neighborhood. The ILCR started as a documentary project of people in the local community and has grown to become a published magazine with contributors to text and design. The magazine has so far has released 6 numbers and it has followers from all over the world. Recently, one of Jørn's images from ILCR was selected from 8000 submitted images to the prestigious 'Portrait of Britain' competition. In addition to creating his own projects, Jørn works as a commercial and editorial photographer for D2, Monocle, Getty Images and various advertising agencies. He is represented by Tea & Water Pictures with offices in London and New York.,