Does your profile image

reflect your true value? 




Whether you´re a banker, a CEO, public speaker, author, artist or entrepreneur, your success depends on connecting with your audience.   


You deliver a high-end service and unique products, and you know you add value to people’s lives.You ARE your business and you love what you do. So, the first visual impression 

you make needs to make a powerful impact, say something about you and reflect your true value. 


Your signature shot needs to capture your character, express your personality and leave your dream client feeling connected to you. You need an image that shows you are professional, 

talented, friendly, skilled, reliable, cool and accessible. 


An image that sets you apart from your competition. 

I have spent decades shooting portraits for corporate clients, working as a photojournalist and running my dedicated portrait business. From working with celebrities and politicians to business people and family-members, I know that the difference between an ´OK`portrait and one you LOVE, is the connection between us. 


I bring all my years of experience of being able to capture that golden moment, when you are at ease, expressive and natural; your essential self, in front of the camera. 

For me, shooting your picture is about finding the authentic and admirable you - your deeper layers - and then to mirror back to you something you may not even have seen in yourself. 

A great headshot or portrait is not dependent on you being photogenic, a “natural” in front of the camera or having a good hair day! Putting you at ease is part of my skill and all you need to do is show up and trust the process. 


Don’t underestimate the importance and impact of a great image.


Finding the right photographer and finally getting the portrait you´ll LOVE is going to be easier than you think. 




Tailormade for you

You can come to my studio in Noth West London, or I can take my studio to you. Would you like more than a headshot? I can shoot outdoors, indoors, in your home or at your office. Maybe you want photos in action, while you work, and of your team? Take a look at my portrait and editorial section to see what I can help you with.


£ 250

Session length - 2 hours

Change outfits as much

as you like

3 retouched images


Additional images can be purchased for £ 15


£ 250 + 150

Session length - 3 1/2 hours

Change outfits as much

as you like

Hair and make-up payable to the stylist

3 retouched images


Additional images can be purchased for £15

Starts at £800

I take my studio lights and background and come to your office! Price varies depending on the number of people required. I can shoot up to 20 people a day 

Min 20 min session pr. person

2 retouched images pr. person


Additional images can be purchased for £ 15