I was fortunate enough to be very young when I discovered what I wanted to do in life. Only 15 years old, I got my first experience of what it felt like to be directing someone in front of a camera. During a work-placement from school in a local newspaper in Norway, I tried life as a photojournalist and discovered how the camera was a tool to CONNECT with others. To my joy it allowed me to get close to people, even total strangers, in ways I never would or could otherwise have done. It felt truly empowering for a curious, young woman, and I knew I had found my calling. 


Educated as a photographer and being named the first female photographer to win the Picture of the Year in 1988, I followed my wanderlust and curiosity and moved to London. This has been my base and home city ever since.


During those early days, I covered news like the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster, Princess Diana´s death, and the days following the 9/11 attack in New York for major Scandinavian newspapers. Getting used to ‘elbow shuffling’ amongst 200 photographers at big events became part of the job, as did meeting numerous people with stories of everything from great successes to those of loss and of sorrow. Working with celebrities and politicians, business people and everyday people, often as the silent observer next to a journalist conducting an interview, I had time to study their faces and sense their emotions. My camera granted me the gift to connect with the person behind the story.


Sensing the vulnerability in others and not least experiencing my own, I have learned always to look for, and show, the beauty in people. This sensitivity to the essence of who we are is part of my professional stamp. Crafting signature shots for entrepreneurs, actors or business people, or any portrait of an individual or a family/group, I know that creating lasting, impactful images can make a real difference to how people see themselves. The art of bringing forth a deeper beauty you may not even be aware of yourself, is my passion and personal purpose. 



In addition to my dedicated portrait business, I continue to work for newspapers, with corporate clients and I regularly give photography workshops in London and Venice.