Some time ago - all a writer had to do was write, present the pages to the editor and let others worry about promotion and advertising. Those days are long gone. 

Today, writers must be their own most ardent advocate, marketer and promoter. Self-promotion is as integral to writing success as any tool in the writing toolbox.
For an author it is absolutely essential to have a great portrait ready for the book jacket and social media, for media coverage and to help build connections and recognition. 

Alex Dahl

"The Boy at the Door"

Penguin Random House

Lisa hilton

Hari Kunzru

A quality signature image will assure your readers you are serious about your writing and suggest you are the ideal type of person to be writing about a specific subject. This is your persona, a representation of yourself centered around advertising your work.

Heidi Amsinck

"The last train to Helsingør"

Muswell Press

santa montefiore

Santa montefiore/simon sebag montefiore

Michael Mosley

Famous authors get lots of media coverage. How will you get yours?  

Kate Mosse

Hari Kunzru

Lisa Hilton

Santa Montefiore/

Simon Sebag Montefiore

Minette Walters

Ken Follett



Santa Montefiore

Jojo Moyes

P.D James

Lucinda Riley

I have spent decades shooting portraits of authors for newspapers and book covers. I know that the difference between an ´OK`portrait and one you LOVE, is the connection between us. I bring all my years of experience of being able to capture that golden moment, when you are at ease, expressive and natural; your essential self, in front of the camera. 

Michael Mosley

Fred Pelard

"How to be strategic"

Penguin Random House

Jojo moyes

minette walters

simon sebag


ken follett


For between £300 - £500 I will offer you

author shots that you can be proud of. Tailormade to your requirements it can be shot in studio or outdoors, at your home or during events. Anything is possible.

Don´t underestimate the power and impact of a great author portrait. 

Get in touch today to book your session:

Kristin Flood 

"Amor Fati", "Nærvær", "Rom for Stillhet"

"I Frans av Assisis fotspor"  Cappelen Damm